Friday, January 6, 2017

White tissue paper flower and paper bag basket

I wanted to put something on my corner table ,so I decided upon this flower basket.The idea was to reuse,less cost and less time.This diy project has two parts 
  1. Basket
  2. Flowers


I had seen this beautiful idea of DIY project on where you covert a glass jar using brown paper into beautiful vase.Inspired by it I created a basket from plastic cake packing cover.I didn't want to use glass as the table is low and kids can access it thus may break and hurt themselves(when you have really curious kids around).

  1. Plastic cake packing cover
  2. Brown paper bag
  3. Glue
Clean the cake cover and dry it.

Take the brown bag cut into thin strips.

Twist the strips and glue it to the cake cover.


As the basket was big enough and I required about 20 or more flowers so I choose something which are fast easy and have volume too.So I settled for pompoms.For stem I used news paper/ad papers.

Material :

  1. White Tissue paper
  2. Green Tissue paper
  3. Stapler/Thread
  4. News paper/ad papers
  5. Glue
Take paper and roll to make sticks for stem.Glue the ends.

Cut the tissue papers into squares.I cut my sheet into 16 squares each.

Arrange them into group of four with one green at bottom and rest three are white.Fold into accordion fold.Fold at the middle and staple.Cut edges into half circle.

Now open the white layers up and green once down.Glue a stem to the center on the green side.Arrange the flowers.For presentation I have used a white doily.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Paper Quilled Christmas Tree

After ages made something.Its a paper quilled christmas tree made of 5mm green quilling paper.For base I used or rather reused a ribbon spool and 6 inch round doily from DollarTree.The gift boxes are made of thermocol from the packing material,gift papers,colour paper and 2mm quilling paper as ribbon.Santa cap is made of plain red Postit note and cotton.The red ball decorations are made of crepe paper and lil sparkles.Tree topper star is 5mm yellow paper quilled star covered with golden sparkles.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Kinder Joy DIY Ladybug

This time its Ladybug out of Kinder Joy cover. Paint the cover red and leave it to dry.
Paint the narrower side black to make the head.

Draw a black line in the middle( mine went a little to the other side).Draw the black spots.

Add googly eyes or draw them.

Here are some Ladybugs made out of pistachio shell 

So the mother bug and the little ones......

Monday, February 22, 2016

Kinder Joy DIY Tortoise

Another of Kinder Joy cover reuse.The shell of the tortoise is made of Kinder Joy cover.

Take a Kinder Joy cover and color it green and olive green.

Keep it to dry .

Draw pattern on it with yellow.I drew some hexagon..Cut out the sides.Draw the head ,limbs and tail pattern on a card stock or thick color paper .Cut it out and stick the limbs on to the inside of the shell. 

The Head and the tail will be stuck on the outer shell.

For Eyes I have used black may use googly eyes or color alternately.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Kinder Joy DIY Penguine

 These penguins are made from Kinder joy covers.I had a few Kinder Joy covers which I felt could be converted to something interesting .I tried to find some use but apart from conversion to Ladybug could not find anything else.Here I have tried to make a penguins.

Colour the cover with white color and leave it to dry.

Trim the sides and color it black.Leave it to dry .

Add Googly eyes or alternately you may draw them or stick paper made eyes.Make feet ,nose and wings .Attach them.

You may put cap or other accessories to decorate it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

DIY Cardboard kitchen

This is a cardboard kitchen I made last summer for my daughter and niece to arrange there toy utensils and play.As I didn't have much supplies but a pile of cardboard box and hardly 2 hrs time .So this is what I could make.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Brown tape
  • Cello Tape or transparent tape
  • Scissor 
  • White Paper
  • Sketch pen
  • Kitchen knife
  • Kinder Joy cover

The cupboard is made of one small cardboard box.Rest of the kitchen is made of one more box .To hang the spoons and spatula I have used the big stapler pins on the cardboard box itself .One of them has been converted to tap.Kinder joy cover has been used to make the basin or the sink.
           The toughest part was the chimney.Without glue or support it was difficult to keep it at place with just tapes but some how managed .This is where transparent tape was used.

The best part was kids enjoyed and were engaged with it for next few days.....:)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Clothes we wear project

This a school project for standard 1 done for my daughter for EVS "Clothes we wear". I have used a little origami,quilling paper and plastic.The clothes are basically made of paper.

Each piece was prepared separately and fixed on the chart paper. The easiest being scarf made of a piece of crepe paper trimmed at the ends.
The most time taking were the uniforms due to detailing of the belt and tie and the frock.
This frock took pretty long time.I have used crepe paper,stone/bling lace,paper quilled rose and pattern paper(don't know the exact name of the paper).I cut out frock on a piece of chart paper till waist ,on it pasted the patterned paper .To make the skirt I used crepe paper like a fan .Completing it with lace,quilled rose and quilling paper as ribbon.

Raincoat was something which I was not convinced of as it didn't turn out as I wished to.

This saree was inspired from colorsofcraft blog. Infact I have used the same color combination.


Wondering where origami was used ..Its used for uniform ,shirt,skirt etc.. One more blog to get some idea for the project is I didn't find this blog when I was making the project but its a good project with lot of realtime projects.

White tissue paper flower and paper bag basket

I wanted to put something on my corner table ,so I decided upon this flower basket.The idea was to reuse,less cost and less time....