Monday, February 1, 2016

Clothes we wear project

This a school project for standard 1 done for my daughter for EVS "Clothes we wear". I have used a little origami,quilling paper and plastic.The clothes are basically made of paper.

Each piece was prepared separately and fixed on the chart paper. The easiest being scarf made of a piece of crepe paper trimmed at the ends.
The most time taking were the uniforms due to detailing of the belt and tie and the frock.
This frock took pretty long time.I have used crepe paper,stone/bling lace,paper quilled rose and pattern paper(don't know the exact name of the paper).I cut out frock on a piece of chart paper till waist ,on it pasted the patterned paper .To make the skirt I used crepe paper like a fan .Completing it with lace,quilled rose and quilling paper as ribbon.

Raincoat was something which I was not convinced of as it didn't turn out as I wished to.

This saree was inspired from colorsofcraft blog. Infact I have used the same color combination.


Wondering where origami was used ..Its used for uniform ,shirt,skirt etc.. One more blog to get some idea for the project is I didn't find this blog when I was making the project but its a good project with lot of realtime projects.

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